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Private Spa and Sauna inside the Villa Chameleon in Mallorca - I wouldn't mind a bathroom like this in my home!
Deko's recommendations for the Housing Fair Finland 2014 | Scandinavian Deko.
sauna- would LOVE to have one of these!
Beautiful sauna
Tulikivi Sumu saunaheater in a blog. D.G.H: helmikuu 2013.
i like the oven. it is different from most sauna ovens.
Sauna on the Arctic Circle with Tulikivi Sumu saunaheater.
I know you would not have a sauna in your bathroom... but you can get the feel from the photo of painted walls, some wood detail on the ceiling and wall and nice calm tile on the floor. bright and airy
Farinfrared Dry Heat Sauna - $1/minute. For 5 minutes. Sooth and relax all your pains with warm, gentle radiating heat. Enjoy just the sauna, or pair it with many of our other spa services -- At Mane Attraction Salon & Spa