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children's drawings of different people are displayed on green cards with pink and yellow squares
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an image of a human body made out of paper and cutouts on a table
Educational Felt Human Anatomy/ Parts of the Body/ Human Anatomy Felt Set/Montessori Toy/Science Toy - Etsy Portugal
MADE TO ORDER Discover the inside of the human body with this felt board anatomy set. Explore different organs and how they fit together to create organ systems. This felt set will be a great addition to your other classroom sets. A fun way to teach young children about human anatomy! BIG, perfect for a group of children. Made in a smoke-pet-free home. Thank you for looking at my items, and I hope you like them as much as I enjoy making them
an ornament made to look like a human heart and lungs on a white surface
Human Anatomy Lesson
He likes to be a tease by saying his heart is in his head. I tuckered out and never made a brain, which he keeps reminding m...
a chalk drawing of a skeleton on a blackboard with words written in white ink
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Crafty Kids: FOR KIDS - Silly skeleton (suitable for all ages)
the instructions for how to make an art project is registered with Pair Domains
I really like all of these ideas for learning about the heart because they can be used for many ages. Some of the younger children may find the model of the house representing the heart easier to understand and more relatable. School age children may find the actual heart and body activities as more of a challenge and enjoyable project. This can help children going through something cardiac related understand procedures or problems occurring.
the skeleton is cut out and placed on paper is registered with Pair Domains
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an image of the anatomy of a human body and how to draw it in spanish
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