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From organic weed control tips to container gardening trends, you'll find the skinny on these gardening techniques and many more right here. Glean ideas for…
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When to Harvest Spinach for Maximum Yields
The best time to harvest spinach from your home vegetable garden. When to harvest spinach and how to do it right! Use this gardening technique and these gardening tips for picking garden spinach. #GrowingSpinach #Harvesting
how to give old azalea's a fresh start in the garden or front yard
How to Give Old Azaleas a Fresh Start: Pruning Azaleas
Pruning azaleas can give tired, old azalea plants a fresh start. All it takes is a few minutes of cutting back old limbs and you'll have a fresh looking azalea! azalea care | landscaping | Bush | Front Yard | Encore | Spring blooms
When to Plant Asparagus for Healthy, Productive Plants
The Best Time to Plant Asparagus. How to grow asparagus in your home vegetable garden. When to plant asparagus for healthy, productive plants. Get these gardening tips for growing and caring for asparagus. The best springtime veggie fro spring gardens. #GrowingAsparagus
the garden with flowers and plants in it is featured on this postcard for water wise
Tips to Create a Water-Wise garden
Find out here how to create a water-wise garden for your home. Extreme heat and no rain can take a toll on plants and lawns. But here are the best ideas on how to create a water-wise garden—one that will not burden the water supply, while also still having plants that will bloom and add a nice aesthetic to your yard. Don't let drought get your garden down. Get these tips for gardening in the heat here.
how to pollinate squash and cucumbers in the garden with text overlay
Pollinating squash, cucumbers & pumpkins
How to Pollinate Garden Squash, Cucumbers & Pumpkins. Pollinating squash, cucumbers & pumpkins matters and it is important to growing squash and veggies. If you have a lot of squash flowers but not much fruit your plants need pollinating. Find out what causes poor squash pollination, get gardening and growing tips and more.
When to Pick Cherry Tomatoes
When to pick cherry tomatoes for the best flavor and quality. Enjoy the best sweet cherry tomatoes by knowing when to pick your tomatoes. Growing cherry tomatoes is easy and with this gardening guide, you will know when to harvest. #VegetableGarden
some flowers that are blooming in the garden with text overlay saying 7 reasons for peonies not flowering
Peonies Not Blooming? Here’s What Could Be Wrong
Are your Peonies not blooming? Here’s what could be wrong! Check out these 7 reasons why your peonies may not be flowering. Peonies are a well-loved summer flower perfect for yards and gardens alike but sometimes your peony plants fail to bloom. Find out here why that can happen and some gardening solutions on what to do if it does. Make your flower garden amazing with these flowering tips.
the best natural fertilizers for container gardens and how to use them in containers
Fertilizers for Container Gardening: The Best Organic Choices for Success
The Best Organic Fertilizers for Container Gardening. Granular fertilizer versus liquid fertilizer. Make sure your garden potting soil is healthy and balanced using proper fertilizer for your container garden. Here is how to do it step by step! #GardeningTips #Soil #ContainerGardening #Fertilizer
how to make and use leaf mulch in the garden with text overlay reading how to make and use leaf mulch in the garden
Leaf Mulch: How to Make and Use Leaf Mulch in the Garden
Leaf Mulch Gardening Guide. How to organically build soil, naturally reduce weeds, and insulate plants using leaf mulch. 3 easy ways to make leaf mulch and how to put it to work in your garden. Fall gardening tips. Autumn in the garden! #Mulch #Gardening
Harvesting Cilantro: A Step-by-Step Guide for Better Yields
How to Harvest Cilantro. When and how to harvest cilantro from your home herb garden. The best techniques and gardening tips for growing and harvesting cilantro. Storing and preserving Cilantro and more. #CilantroSeed #GrowingCilantro #HerbGarden
a white flower with the words when to cut back peonies, trim your pruning
When to Cut Back Peonies: Time Your Pruning to Help Next Year's Blooms
Peonies Flower Garden Guide for the Best Blooms! When to cut back peonies. Time your pruning to help next year’s blooms. When and how to prune peonies and when to cut back peonies. #Flowers #Gardening
Growing shallots: A Complete Guide
Growing Shallots at Home. Explore the different types of shallot bulbs and consider adding this gourmet onion to your home vegetable garden. How to grow shallots. A complete gardening guide for growing shallots. Plus how to care for them to ensure healthy plants! #Shallots #GrowingShallots
How Long Does it Take for Potatoes to Grow?
How long does it take for potatoes to grow? This is the perfect potato-growing guide for beginners to growing potatoes. How to add potatoes to your vegetable garden and how long does it take until you can harvest? A potato seed to harvest guide. #VegetableGardening #GrowingPotatoes
Repotting Aloe Vera: Tips for Choosing Potting Soil, Pots, and More
How to Repot Aloe Vera. This is a popular houseplant or a great plant to have in a pot on the patio. Aloe Vera grows quickly and does need to be repotted. Here is everything you need to know about repotting aloe vera. #Aloe #Houseplant