The Sauna by #ScanAdventures

ScanAdventures: The smoke sauna in which a large amount of wood is burned to heat up the sauna is considered by cognoscenti to be the real thing but they take time ( all day) to get ready so are fairly rare. More common is the wood stove sauna with stones sitting on top of the birch wood and, in cities, electrics saunas. Embedded in Finnish Culture taking a sauna is relaxing, convivial and stimulating.
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Walkway to the sauna

Photography inspiration

The Finnish way to sauna [sow-na]

Martta Wendelin was a Finnish artist whose work was widely used to illustrate fairy tales and books, postcards, school books, magazine and book covers.

Finnish Sauna

A traditional Finnish smoke sauna (savusauna) made out of logs in Oulu Province, Finland.

Finland sauna house

A mobile sauna in Finland, built/designed by the London-based architects Denizen Works I felt this little cabin on skids (making it ".

Sauna-Marathon-IVshared by Vivikene

For the past six years, the Estonian winter capital, Otepää, has played host to an international sauna marathon.

Image by Tulikivi - Photobucket. Lake Pielinen, Juuka, Finland. Enjoying the view before or after sauna and a nice swim.

Image by Tulikivi - Photobucket. Enjoying the view before or after sauna and a nice swim.

Sauna for women in #Lapland #ScanAdventures

Sauna for women in #Lapland #ScanAdventures