WINDSPIRAL II bronwyn berman

Art in Nature Installation, Artist Example: Bronwyn Berman beach weaving .the wave .land art installation great texture ,shape and use of natural materials

Metamorphosis - I do love this sculpture, reminds me of the Giger designs for Species

Fantastic piece, by Youjin Lee. This artist takes the beauty of the female form but with thorns, bugs or spikes creates something more unnerving, more sinister.

Peggy Ostercamp | silk weaving Peggy Osterkamp’s special skill is making the richness of her training and experience accessible to students. In the series, Peggy Osterkamp’s New Guide to Weaving, she presents a wealth of weaving knowledge and research, much of it never available before in the United States.

* I love the delicacy of Peggy Osterkamp‘s fiber work. Once an apprentice to Jim Ahrens in a production studio, Osterkamp has introduced hundreds of students to weaving theory and production weaving.

Santiago Calatrava: The Metamorphosis of Space. This is reminiscent of my paper cutting work. The arrangement of the strips with sharp triangular edges looks fluid.

Gallery of Santiago Calatrava: The Metamorphosis of Space - 6

The Santiago Calatrava: The Metamorphosis of Space exhibition celebrated its grand opening at the Braccio di Carlo Magno in Vatican City today. Curated by Micol Forti of the Vatican Museums, the special exhibition presents over 140 artistic works of

Chiharu Shiota installation. Her installation work is breathe taking. She uses black wool and ties thousands of them around objects to represent an aura of a dream state.

CHIHARU SHIOTA In Silence, 2008 Lana nera, pianoforte bruciato / Black wool, burnt grand piano Centre PasquArt, Biel © 2012 Chiharu Shiota. All rights reserved Photo by Sunhi Mang

Diem Chau carves tiny sculptures

Artist Diem Chau carves miniature sculptures on the tips of writing implements. Via Potluck.

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