Travellers - Yearning for the Far-Away

You seek the distance, seek to roam / Windwhisperer / Cloudcompanion / Journeywing / Fly safely until your return in spring
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Greylag Geese. This is an absolutely beautiful picture. Sorry I do not know the Photographer by sure say thanks to whoever it is.

♂ Wildlife photography birds fly Autumn is coming, the geese are flying

Fields of wild flowers and the crisp mountain air burning your nostrils as you breathe.the beauty around is simply a glimpse of our creator's glorious being!

Gypsies and there vardo.  #Romany #Vardo #Caravan

Iain McKell: The New Gypsies, a Different Way of Life, Simplicity and Freedom...

New Age Gypsy Photography - Photographer Iain McKell Brilliantly Captures a World Often Unexplored (GALLERY)

Migrating Canada geese You know why, when geese fly in V formation one line is longer than the other? Cause there's more geese on that side ;-)

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