Sebastian Sederholm

Sebastian Sederholm

Sebastian Sederholm
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'this message is too wide to fit your screen', no.707

It's tough these days to convince people who think their votes don't count of how vital it is for them to vote in this election. If you know anybody who's expressed that feeling to you, please try to convince them that without everybody's vote, we could

Festival Spotlight: Upstart Antisocial Campout - New Noise Magazine

The "Trendies" change from day to day depending on which way the wind blows.  I will always continue to not give a fuck.

Metal in a plastic society (And don't you dare falsely say you're a metal head!) << I'm not a metalhead, I just like this fashion so I'm pinning it

People Person embroidered patch by Jesse Germs and No Fun Press

Show off your personable side with our new People Person embroidered patch. It was designed by Ottawa's own Jesse Germs! If you're in the Capitol city go see hi