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This is where Secto Design comes from - welcome aboard on a journey to Finland, the origin of the Secto lamps!
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Blue, white, snow and Moomins - this is Finland!

Moomin House, Naantali, Finland photo via iden I didn't think a blue house could be so gorgeous and inviting in the winter.

This is Finland! Northern lights - Under the starry sky of Rovaniemi, Finland. Winter wonderland by Teemu Lahtinen on Flickr

Northern lights - Under the starry sky of Rovaniemi, Finland: Winter wonderland by Teemu Lahtinen. id love to visit the northern lights

Birch Forest - Karelia, Finland

Birch Forest Karelia, Finland / Photograph Untitled - Ari Vitikainen on


Finland in Reflection

I'm more of a lake/river kinda girl rather then a beach girl. I HATE sand. I hate how the salt water feels. But the lake! The lake is MY place!

Fresh colours and patterns - Ice flowers in Finland.

Funny pictures about Ice flowers in Finland. Oh, and cool pics about Ice flowers in Finland. Also, Ice flowers in Finland.

Summer evening feeling in Salo, southern Finland. Photo by Veikko Suikkanen.

Summer morning at by Veikko Suikkanen Yesterday morning, mid-summer, the longest day.