Midsummer flowers

A proper Midsummer arrangement, also to be used when creating the flower wreaths decorations.

Scandinavian Tradition: Midsummer Fest | Skimbaco Lifestyle | online magazine

Midsummer fest in Scandinavia Midsummer, or midsommer in Sweden and Juhannus in Finland, is one of the biggest Holidays in these two Nordic countries,

Midsummer bonfire in Finland

Enjoy the longest days and brighest time of the year with various traditional Midsummer festivities around Helsinki.

There's something so magical to me about bonfires in Midsummer!

Midsommer (Solstice) celebration with a bonfire in Denmark

These White Roses are called 'Midsummer Roses' as they are in bloom around our Midsummer in the middle of June.

These white roses in Finland are called 'Midsummer Roses' as they are in bloom around midsummer.