Moominmug - Winter2015: Talviuni/Hibernation / Winter sleep

Winter mug 2015: Hibernation

Muumimuki, talvi Talviuni / Moomin mug winter Hibernation

The new red Little My mug by Arabia coming in February 2015!

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Moominmug Summer 2015 Moment on the shore

summer mug 2015: Moment on the Shore

Moominmug Summer 2015 Moment on the shore Finland

Moomin mug Moominpappa.

The new 2014 Moominpappa mug features illustrations by Tove Slotte-Elevant and it shows the adventurous Moominpappa sailing. It is set to be released together with the new Moominmamma mug and they go really well together.

Muumimuki Jouluyllätys

Moomin Mug Winter 2009 Christmas Surprise Arabia

Muumimuki Lumileikkejä

Moomin mug - Muumimuki Lumileikkejä

Moomin mug Moomintroll, turquoise

Iittala - Muumit Muki Muumipeikko l - store.

Muumi lumilyhty muki TARRALLINEN UUSI

Snow lantern // 2007 seasonal Moomin mug.

Saippuakuplia (2011)

Moomin Mug Soap Bubbles Little My Arabia Summer 2011

Myy from Moomin.  Want this mug so badly.

Lille My Aker Little My Sliding / Pikku Myy Liukumäessä 1999 – 2011 Finland

Tumma Roosa ("Muumimamma") (1991-1999)

Tumma Roosa ("Muumimamma") (1991-1999)

Moomin mugs, via Flickr.

Moomin mugs, via Flickr.

Moomin Hattifatteners Mug

Moomin Hattifatteners Mug

Kuvahaun tulos haulle arabian muumimukit kuvina

Had to buy, because this was only 10 euros and about to be sold out

Arabia Moomin mug, Christmas Greetings. Design, Tove Jansson - Shopping Place for Friends of Old Antique Dishware - - Products

Moomin mug "Christmas Greetings". Mug nr.

Mummi Krus Mymlen - Tove Slotte-Elevant - Arabia -

This red/lilac Moomin mug by Arabia from 2008 features the younger Mymble in love. It's beautifully illustrated by Arabia artist Tove Slotte and the illustratio