Vintage Washboard and Clothespins With Basket For Wall Storage

Primitive Holiday Decor Glas Metal Washboard with a Wire Basket and Old Fashioned Clothes Pins for Storage Bathroom, Kitchen Decor by TheRustyBucketVT on Etsy

Cross Members on back of door   CASA Blogit - Villa Hedda  How on earth is this even functional??? Do NOT care for this at all!

We are specialists in one area: The bathroom. Where we strive to develop the best products in the bathroom furniture, bath, shower and toilet, piece by piece, without losing the overall look.

Dishfunctional Designs: Upcycled: New Ways With Old Window Shutters

Repurpose an old shutter in the bathroom as towel or toilet paper holder. Anyone have an old shutter I can buy or have? Pretty please?