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True Love Photo by Sushila Kumari — National Geographic Your Shot

True Love Photo by Sushila Kumari — National Geographic Your Shot

Cute personified

"Madagascar, Southeast Africa Monkey, they are very cute & animated!" This is not a living animal, never mind a monkey. This does not live in Madagascar. This is a toy. See more of the artist's work "Inari Foxes"

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Foxes: "These two are in such rapport, in front of the old barn door." (Written By: Lynn Chateau © )

Baby Animals, Cute Animals, Animal Babies, Cute Funny Animals, Cubs

Hedgehog Baby, Hedgehogs, Hedgehog, Pygmy Hedgehog

Miniature Donkey Geldings We Have Sold at HAA Miniature Donkey Farm

Myer's Meadows City Slicker (a. Slick), a black or dark brown jack with no light points at Half Ass Acres Miniature Donkey Farm

If you are determined to have cattle. I would have to recommend the Scots Highlander. One of the oldest breeds. They are wily, independent, accustomed to being self-sufficient in all weather, the will graze and browse. Evolving in Scotland they very hearty. His calf and Mother are in summer coat. In Winter they are very shaggy, but can be out doors in worse weather than more modern breeds. That said I would not leave them out in blizzard weather at least a sheltered paddock or cool barn…

Fluffy Scottish Highland cow baby (heelan coo) How can you eat such a cute baby?

Leaf me a hat. dia dando gracias. X's      Mi Chiquita Hermosa te quiero muchisimo my adorable cute gorgeous baby. Besos y abrasos.

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