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six snowflakes are shown in black and white on a white background, each with different designs
an orange and white pattern is shown on the back of a sheet of paper with gold foil
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the wall is made up of different types of pins and pencils on white paper
De Gournay’s Beautiful New Beirut Showroom Feels Like a Florentine Villa
De Gournay’s Beautiful New Beirut Showroom Feels Like a Florentine Villa | Architectural Digest
three different types of paper with lines and circles on them, one in blue, the other in brown
Pattern Pattern Pattern
Pattern Pattern Pattern by Johnny Q.
a living room with couches and lamps on the wall
Contemporary Interpretation Of A Traditional Decor,Bangalore | Land Studio - The Architects Diary
a bathroom with two sinks and a toilet next to a mirror on the wall in front of it
a living room with couches, chairs and rugs on the floor in front of a wall
Najdi “Majles” design.
an unfinished room with white walls and wooden ceiling tiles on the wall is being worked on
the curtain is closed and there are no curtains in this room, but it looks like they have been drawn on
Zsanett Szirmay turns cross-stitch patterns into musical scores
Ever heard of "sound weaving?" It's a mix of old with the new, turning crossstich patterns into musical scores.
the interior of a store with white walls and glass partitions on each side,
the front desk of aswar is surrounded by white marble and gold accents, with chandeliers hanging from the ceiling