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a drawing of a building with windows and a roof
an old abandoned building sitting on the side of train tracks near a deserted field with no grass
Grain And Railroad. U.S. 50, Ardell, KS 67563
a painting of a living room with a piano and mirror in it's corner
Les intérieurs énigmatiques de Vilhelm Hammershøi
a painting of a room with a sink and table
a painting of a dining room table and chairs
an orange, black and white plate with designs on it's surface is shown
Ralph Bacerra (1938-2008, USA) (6/1/2012 - Cowan's+Clark+DelVecchio Ceramics Auction) Untitled Charger ca 1986 Whiteware; dia. 22 in.
an old building with several windows on the top and bottom floor, in sepia
Hammershoi, Vilhelm (1864-1916) - 1899 Interior of Courtyard, Strandgade (Toledo Museum of Art, U.S.A.)
an open door leading into a bedroom with a white bed and bench in the corner
a woman in a long black dress standing in front of an open door to another room
The Banality of Everyday Life: Domestic Interiors painted by...
an empty room with two doors and a table in the middle is seen from across the room
an empty room with two doors and a chair in the foreground, one person standing at the door
(9)ハンマースホイ「室内、ストランゲーゼ30番地」 詩人 小池昌代 - 日本経済新聞
a painting of a woman sitting at a table in front of a window with the door open
Behind-the-Scenes at the Fashion House in Paris - CHANEL
Interior (1909) by one of my favorite painters, the Dane Vilhelm Hammershoi. I always enjiy the moody and sober atmosphere and the deep existential fear caused by the faillure of any real inter-human communication. Very much an European Hopper avant la lettre.