Sewing Crafts

Lots of cute craft sewing patterns and diy projects. Many simple and easy enough to sew up quickly. Great gift ideas for kids, teens, babies, and more.
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8 free monkey plush patterns to sew with the text overlay that reads, 8 free monkey plush patterns
8 FREE Monkey Sewing Patterns {Stuffed Animal Plush}
Free Monkey Stuffed Animal Plush Patterns to Sew
8 free hedgehog plush patterns
8 FREE Hedgehog Plush Patterns {So Cute!}
Free Hedgehog Stuffed Animal Plush Patterns
8 free octopus plush patterns to sew
8 FREE Octopus Stuffed Animal Patterns
Free Octopus Stuffed Animal Sewing Patterns
free fish plush patterns for kids to make
17 FREE Fish Plush Patterns (Stuffed Animals)
Free Fish Stuffed Animal Patterns