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a painting of a man in an old fashion outfit holding a cane and looking at the camera
Anthony van Dyck - Wikimedia Commons
a painting of a man holding a pen and writing on a piece of paper in his hand
A Definitive Ranking of the 33 Hottest Men In Historical Paintings
a painting of a woman in white and red dress with a crown on her head
Victoria, Queen of Great Britain&Ireland (1819-1901)
two women dressed in period clothing, one holding an apple
18th Century art – All Things Georgian
an old painting of a woman with a hat and dress holding a glass in her hand
an oil painting of a woman with a golden bell in her hand and wearing a red dress
claudio borlotto on Twitter
Cesare A. Detti (It, 1848-1914) - Portrait of a noblewoman, dettaglio
a painting of a woman in an ornate dress
Portrait of Marchesa Maria Serra Pallavicino, 1606 - Peter Paul Rubens -
Portraits In Oil Of This Polish Artist Compare With Paintings Of Old Masters
oil painting for beginners is an easy way to learn how to paint hands and fingers
Oil Painting Supplies Guide for Beginners - Ran Art Blog
an image of a man's face with different colors
Mixing skin tones (painting)
a hand holding a paintbrush in front of a painting with the words unusual painting techniques on it
Unusual Yet Effective Painting Techniques
how to mix dark red color mixing chart
What Colors Make Dark Shades of Red [Color Mixing Guide]
Learn all about what colors make dark shades of red in this red color mixing guide (with color charts). Although you can buy a lot of different kinds of red colors, it is not the most cost effective… As you will not be able to find all the shades of red you will need from the shelves of an art store. So, it is important to learn how to mix different shades of red yourself when painting. Let’s get started mixing dark red - just click the image to go to the full tutorial!
how to mix reds with color mixing chart for art studio life by the artist
How to Mix Reds
Learn how to mix different shades of red. View lots of different color charts to help you understand color mixing and how red works.
an image of a woman painting with the title 7 realism painting tips you need to know
7 Realism Painting Ideas to Help You Create More Realistic Paintings
Realism painting is all about capturing the essence of a scene or object👩‍🎨 To do this, you need to train yourself to see in a certain way and use techniques that will help you to create a more realistic painting... Get started with these 7 actionable realism painting tips and ideas, by clicking over to the full article linked here!