The Rainmaker by *VendelRus on deviantART I love the colors and he's right, keep the color scheme and scale up as appropriate for women's size.

That is just so cute. The Rainmaker by *VendelRus on deviantART--viking child! I am so going to dress my baby up as a viking!


Dresses Pagan Wicca Witch: "Tattoo Studio by ~DarkSunTattoo, at deviantART.

Pagan Women of Wolin Festival - Wolin, Poland 2014

Neutral coloured Viking lady Festival of Slavs and Vikings, Wolin, Poland 2014

Viking dresses

I don't know the source, but this could be early Kievan (apron embroidery supports this) or Finnish (not Latvian, no bronze rings, not Lithuanian, no peplos dress)

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little viking

tiny viking- next on my list of things to do.make tiny viking clothes

Front of dress, jewellery set-up Vibeke - OMG that fabric...

Close-up of apron-dress and jewelry. Diamond twill with Birka tablet-woven band. My note: top of apron appears to be shaped to the armholes.

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