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two pictures of bees made out of waffles on a pink plate and another photo of the same
a child's drawing of a tree with pink flowers
Lente in de boom met deze bloesems!
three paper daffodils on a blue background
two vases with paper flowers sitting on a table
Пин от пользователя Feliks Paśko на доске Цветы | Поделки из палочек, Ремесла, Бумажное ремесло
cherry blossom painting with cotton balls is an easy and fun art project for kids to do
Cherry Blossom Painting with Cotton Balls
this is a collage of pictures showing the process of making ladybug fingerprints
Frühling / Ostern
three children are playing with their drawings on the floor in front of some cupboards
Leaf rubbing and paint mural
two dandelions made out of construction paper on top of each other with forks
Make Dandelions Using a Fork (Kids Craft)