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a teddy bear with bandages on it's head and numbers around its neck, sitting in front of a white background
someone is holding their hand out in front of some colorful pencils and crayons
a wooden board with numbers and animals on it
Recurso pedagógico número e quantidade
Recurso pedagógico educação infantil Numeros e quantidades #recursopedagógico #educaçãoinfantil #numerais #kitsaladeaula #ArtesEmEVA
a group of ladybugs sitting on top of a table next to pieces of puzzle
the numbers are made out of felt and decorated with colorful buttons on a polka dot background
Книжка для годовасика
two pieces of paper with different shapes and sizes
four cards with ladybugs and numbers for the letter q in different colors, including one
colorful fish stickers with numbers and letters on the bottom one is for each number
a green alligator with big eyes and sharp teeth
a cartoon crocodile with its mouth open
four different colored plastic cups with stitching on the sides, each in different colors
a child's hand is placing numbers on a cardboard box with flowers in it
a flyer for an event with fish and words in spanish on the front, and below it