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a rolled up piece of paper sitting on top of a red table next to a wall
Tea bag Spool
Watercolor, gouache, monoprints, used tea bag collage on a spool
a piece of art made out of fabric and wood with wheels attached to the wall
Sally MacCabe on Instagram: “Scroll hanging ready for my exhibition #scroll #hanging #vintagebobbin #mixedmedia #handstitch #textileart #newwork #contemporaryart”
a small wooden toy car made out of fabric
ONLINE projects | HanneMADE by Anne
#52tags and other projects | HanneMADE by Anne
several pieces of fabric with different designs on them, including one rolled up and the other folded down
a spool of thread with words and pictures on the side, sitting in front of a white background
Artist Books | Robbin Ami Silverberg | Greenpoint
a piece of wood with rope hanging from it's end on a wall mounted shelf
Ledger Bundle by Gail Rieke
several pieces of fabric that have been pinned to each other with buttons and sewing needles
The Bloggings Of Mrs Bertimus
The Bloggings Of Mrs Bertimus
two spools of thread are next to an old book
Yuko Kimura, Moss Spool Book no.3, 2012, etching on antique book pages from Japan, linen thread, wooden spool, 4 1/4 x 3 x 43 inches
an old map is wrapped in twine and tied with ribbon
2019 #5 Maps & Plans: Vintage Travel Spool with VID/ I&D {by Jennie Atkinson}
a piece of fabric hanging from a string on a white wall with a black cord attached to it
The Studio of Tina Jensen