Woodworking for fun

As a amateur woodworker I'm very proud of things I made. I'm happy to share it here for You all who like woodworking and handcraft :)
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Winter spirit and incoming holidays done their thing and this came out :)

First serving tray

After all cutting boards,my wife ask to make her serving tray,so this is gift for her :) Making this tray I also bend wood for the first time ,and I realize it's quite hard to do it if you do.

New cutting boards in 2017

Finally I finish my biggest project since I started making cutting boards. It came out in total of five bigger and two smaller boards.

triangle designed cutting board

For a very long time I have idea to make cutting board from triangles. I have seen a lot of great ideas on this and other sites,but not triangle type.

End grain cutting board

Some friends asked me can I make cutting boards specific sizes,not too big not too small,but not butcher block. After some time I collected all scraps of wood I have used previous months for some other projects and these two cutting board are t.

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