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the stages of leaf growth from young to old, with pictures showing how they are growing
Wild Lettuce: Identification, Harvesting and Cooking
Foraging Wild Lettuce: Identification, Harvesting and Cooking
the instructions for how to make an english muffin
60+ Delicious Homemade Bread and Cake Recipes You'll Love
The right time to harvest garlic
Ever wondered when the perfect time is to harvest your garlic? Look out for these 2 key things @westcoastseeds #garlicharvest #harvestingtips #homesteading #homesteadingtips
two hands holding yellow flowers with the words, 16 exciting things to do with dandelion
25 Ways to Make Dandelions the Best Part of Your Spring
In The New Wildcrafted Cuisine, Pascal Baudar explores the flavors of local terroir, combining the research and knowledge of plants and landscape that chefs often lack with the fascinating and innovative techniques of a master food preserver and self-described “culinary alchemist.” CLICK to read a full excerpt on his approach to cattails. Baudar explains how to forage its roots, shoots, and flowers. Plus, he includes an easy recipe for Pickled Cattail Shoots. Camping, Foraged Food, Wild Food Foraging, Canning, Fermenting, Wild Food, Food Forest
Foraging and Cooking . . . Cattails
Nature's Anti-Inflammatory
| Find out the secrets I used to lose 135 Pounds in two years, with NATURAL supplements with the link in my profile | Purple dead nettle (Lamium purpureum) is an herbaceous flowering plant that grows in various regions of the world, including North America and Europe. It has been traditionally used for its medicinal properties, and some of its potential health benefits include: Anti-inflammatory properties: Purple dead nettle contains compounds that have anti-inflammatory properties, which may help reduce inflammation in the body and alleviate symptoms of conditions such as arthritis, asthma, and allergies. Antioxidant activity: Purple dead nettle contains antioxidants, which can help protect the body against oxidative stress and damage caused by free radicals. Immune system support
how to eat a pine tree every part is edible
How To Eat A Pine Tree – 5 (Edible) Recipes
When you look at your average pine tree with... It’s sharp needles and gnarly bark give off the impression that it’s a less-than-friendly flora. On the contrary, pine provides some of the most readily available food sources in nature. Here is a comprehensive guide to eating yourself a pine tree (recipes included) #Survival #SurvivalFood
two hands holding plants with the words death camas and wild onion
Wild Onion vs. Death Camas - Lakota Times
The Death Camas does not smell like an onion. A wild onion will smell like an onion. Courtesy photo. LAKOTA COUNTRY – Around this time and throughout the year until the end of fall, local native plants will be sold at or around Sharps Corner. It is an ideal spot to sell foods, wild plants
a container filled with green moss sitting on top of a wooden table next to a plant
How to Make Pine Needle Powder!
the deadly dozen 12 poisonous plants to beware of
The Deadly Dozen: 12 Poisonous Plants To Beware Of
green plants with the title how to identify purslane
How to Identify Purslane (+ Poisonous Look Alikes to Avoid)
some green leaves are sitting on a plate
Eat Your Weeds: Foraging for and Eating Maple Seeds
two hands holding green leaves with speech bubble above them
4 Ways to Eat Maple Seeds