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an old boat sitting on top of a sandy beach under a night sky with the words one day you will thank yourself for never giving up
Quotes 'nd Notes: Photo
To thine own self be true
To thine own self be true
an advertisement with the words inspirato is like yelensa, tota te
Inspiraatio iskee…
a quote that reads,'revege sounds so mean, that's why i prefer to call it returning the flavor
40 Funny Quotes About Life
a quote that says i've reached that age where my brain goes from you probably shouldn't say that to what the hell, let's see what happens
Microsoft Outlook (formerly Hotmail): Free email and calendar | Microsoft 365
some white flowers on a tree branch with the words, se tuska jotta tunnet tanaann
"Aito kasvu on herkkää" – 5 voimakuvaa henkisestä kasvusta
a pink flower wreath with the words, i am not sure what this is written on it
a baby wearing a knitted hat with the caption, die dag is lank
Perseesi on varmasti ...
an image of a poster with the words in different languages
Aina on eskimoita…