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Suomessa on järveä ja saarta. I Finland finns det __ sjöar och __ holmar.

Midsummer (21. june), the flag stays in the pole thru the whole nightless night.

Finland Midsummer june), the flag stays in the pole thru the whole nightless night.


Finnish national flower "kielo" , Convallaria majalis -- Lily of the Valley.my favorite scent.

Finnish national costume | Orimattila

Again the stripes and shawl are typical of what I've seen when researching old Finnish dress. The cap over the hair is also recurring in some of the recent images I've looked at.


light captures very nicely the mood of sauna time, summer evening in Finland.

Kansallislintu Laulujoutsen

Finland celebrates 100 years of Independence on December Kansallislintu Laulujoutsen

Summer cottage - Finns have more than 100.000 lakes, and plenty of summer cottages.

There are some lakes in Finland, almost all have summer cottages beside them. Finns love nature, the peace and quiet by their lakes, visiting their cottages most weekends in summer and especially during the holiday month of July.

Tuuterin naisen kansallispuku. Kuva © Helmi Vuorelma Oy... The lady's national dress Tuuteri... my mom made to me

Old national dress/Tuuterin naisen kansallispuku.

Suomi 100 -juhalan isäntäpari.

President of Finland Sauli Niinisto and his wife Jenni Haukio are pictured before the dinner held at the Presidential Castle during the visit of the Nordic heads of state in Helsinki on June 2017

my favourite :)

the best salt liquorice ever! This is Salmiakki by Fazer, tiny diamonds of salt and sweet liquorice. This brand gave this diamond shape the name "salmiakki" in Finland :-D