Eyes, lips and his beautiful hair!

Tangles, texture and volume, you could say curly haired men have it all! Discover the top 50 best long curly hairstyles for men plus learn how to grow them.


asifthisisme: katinnyc: swoon David Alexander Flinn photographed by Kat Irlin

Sleek Samurai Editorials - The Flair Italia Caught Inside Photoshoot Displays Asian Styles (GALLERY)

Sleek Samurai Editorials

“ maison-homme: The sublime Kelly Mittendorf photographed by Benjamin Lennox for Flair Spring 2013 ”

Pacific Islander

Traditional Samoan tribal tattoo known as a "pe'a. I've got to go to Samoa.and the entire South Pacific.for things.

Paint it blue and black...

Beautiful image that begs a lot of questions. What pigment was used for this tribal paint and what tribe is represented here?