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Egyptian Cartouche and Hieroglyphs - CleverPatch

Our free Egyptian Cartouche and Hieroglyphs blackline master teaches children important skills like colouring, cutting and creative thinking as well as teaching them about the Egyptian alphabet of Hieroglyphs.

We used air dry clay. First we created a simple pinch pot. Then we added the wings which were actually made from a large heart cookie cutter that we then cut into half to create 2 equal wings. Then we made 2 circles for the eyes and attached them. Lastly we attached a beak shape. We then used a bent paper clip to make impressions for the feathers. A marker cap was used to help create the eyes and any other impressions were make by a wooden skewer.

Pinch pot Clay Owls I am so going to make these or at least try to make them I am working on my second pinch pottery project right now so it might be a while before I am good enough for something like this but hay I am going to give a try