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a cow horn with pearls and beads on it's end sitting on a wooden surface
Elusive Cowgirl Boutique
Pearl Horseshoe with rhinestones perfect wedding or gift idea for any cowgirl attached hangers on the back for easy hanging $35.00
a close up of a horse shoe with beads on it's end and some wire
OHPH Student Craft Activity- Quarterly Birthday Party
Beaded Horseshoe Note: Gift for girls at the farm Might be able to fix R's up from her party.
the wreath is made out of burlock and ribbon with chocolates on it
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Metals wreath made from burlap horseshoes and bandana
a red and silver brooch sitting on top of a white table next to a pair of scissors
Catalog of Horseshoe Decorator Items Products Page
Horseshoe Wreath - with burlap instead - 2 of them.. then they can be use after the wedding to put our wedding picture in it or get a big picture & put them on each side.. sooo many ideas !