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Asylum padded hallway -Great for a refreshingly bright room instead of the more common dark sets ~Amy
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Creepy Little Things by teratini on DeviantArt
a stairway decorated with candles and fake ghost on it's side for halloween decorations
an old cloth draped around a lantern in the shape of a hooded up person's head
Monster Mud Reaper
a ghost hanging from a ceiling in the dark
Best Pinterest Boards for Halloween Displays, Costumes and Party Ideas -
a fake hand is next to a bottle of glue
Let's Give This Dementor a Hand
there is a blue ghost in the dark with its arms spread out and hands on his chest
How to Make a Spooky Ghost Decoration for the Halloween Season
glowing eyes for Halloween
the stairs are decorated with halloween decorations and lights
a ghost hanging from the ceiling in a dark room with blue light coming from it's eyes
26 Ghosts Halloween Decorations Ideas - Decoration Love