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a birdhouse made out of wine corks hanging on a fence with a sign that reads, tweets winery
three wooden crates stacked on top of each other in the grass, with one being used as a planter
Home - Sequin Gardens
What exactly does this pallet wood creation look like? Well, the whole creation is made with the wooden crates. And this multi tiered object is…
several different types of wooden planters and benches
DIY Privacy Planter
DIY Privacy Planter
four different colored envelopes stacked on top of each other, with the same pattern
3 Ways to Make an Envelope - wikiHow
How to make envelopes from scrapbook paper.
step by step instructions to make an origami box
Gathering Beauty: Diy Origami Gift Boxes. | I used to make these in elementary school! I had a ton of them all piled up in my room without a use. I used to decorate them and hand them out as gifts.