DIY Hama perler bead Christmas card

DIY Hama Perler Bead Christmas Card - what an AMAZING idea.this could be my Xmas cards sorted!

Fabrication d'un sapin de Noël en bois. Toutes les étapes de la réalisation sur…

Christmas village display stand in the shape of a Christmas tree. painted white would be nice. ~ L'Air du Bois - Un sapin de Noël en bois

Use a labelling machine to personalzie your texts in your #Sqaurebook or on your #Polapix:

Dymo julekort (BLOG Bog & idé)

Déco fenêtre (sapins)... Windows Christmas trees

Sachenmacher Fensterwald, Bastelset für 18 Stück

Beautiful + minimal DIY Christmas wrapping idea - kraft paper, string and…

natural gift wrap - Christmas wrapping ideas, kraft paper, string and eucalyptus 3 simple ways to wrap a Christmas present - Hege in France - Nordic style gift wrap

Inspiraatiota joululahjojen paketointiin

Inspiraatiota joululahjojen paketointiin (Scandinavian Deko.)

Christmas gift wrapping ideas --- --- Christmas presents are wrapped with brown kraft paper. Decorations are made from white paper cut into tree shapes. Glue the paper trees onto the package. White paint pens create the "snowfall" design.

Homewares visual merchandising by

gourmet shop - love this ladder fixture (very close to what we just got for pv) - we need one of those plate holders they have on bottom shelf