Mariliina Karppo
Muita ideoita: Mariliina
Kids' Xmas Tree with white and green LEGO® decorations.
Kids' advent calendar made of small paper bags.
Red paper stars for School Valentines Disco. Made of cheap big paper bags.
Dolphin bananas for Yellow BDay.
Great give away for a girl's Bday. Self made rhytmic gymnastic silk ribbons.
Make gingerbreads that look like your kids' school surface, decorate them (supported by some decoration&candy sponsors) and sell with a good price at school's Xmas Bazaar.
Make a look alike gingerbread house of your kids's school and donate it to the Xmas Bazaar Lottery.
Up in the loft nest. Almost like an own room for one of the three kids in super super expensive squaremeters in the center.
Not own rooms, but own loft nests for your kids. Stairs leading to a secret loft nest.