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“Risalamande:” Danish Rice Pudding with Almonds!
Merry Christmas Eve! Glædelig jul! Tonight is the night where most Danes enjoy their big Christmas dinner, consisting of roast duck or pork roast, and then end the meal with this rich and creamy dessert - risalamande! It’s a rice pudding with almonds, but it’s also a game where whoever gets the whole almond hidden in the pudding gets a present 👀 let the competition begin! Full recipe linked here: #ricepudding #risalamande #holidaytraditions #glædeligjul #mandelgave
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“Risengrød:” Danish Rice Porridge!
It’s rice porridge day!! In Denmark, you’ll find most families eating rice porridge on the 23rd of December, or Lille juleaften (little Christmas Eve!) as is tradition, so you can use the leftovers to make Christmas Eve dessert! Full recipe here: #riceporridge #risengrød #holidaytraditions
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No Bake Oat Cocoa Balls!
Need a break from baking? No bake cocoa oat balls to the rescue 🙌 satisfies the sweet tooth without needing to turn on the oven 😂 Find the full recipe for these “Havregrynskugler” (oat cocoa balls) here: #oatcocoaballs #nobake #holidaytreats #oats #chocolate
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“Æbleskiver:” Danish Pancake Balls!
A staple treat every Christmas, “æbleskiver” are basically delicious little pancake balls! 🎄🇩🇰 It takes a special pan to make them, but it’s so worth the effort! We eat ours with jam and/or powdered sugar, but you can honestly dip them in anything you want 😋 Full recipe here: #christmas #christmastreats #pancake #æbleskiver #pancakeballs
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“Brunkager:” Danish Gingerbread Cookies!
Part 2 of “brunkager” (Danish gingerbread cookies) - rolling out the dough and baking the cookies! The goal is getting them quite thin, since that’s what makes them so deliciously snappy 😍 and seriously the whole house smells like Christmas once you start baking - you can’t go wrong! Full recipe here: #christmascookies #gingerbread #christmas #cookie
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“Brunkager:” Danish Gingerbread Cookies!
Part 1 of “brunkager” - making the dough! This cookie, which we’ve been calling Denmark’s version of gingerbread cookies, involves making the dough the day before, or at least a few hours before to give it time to chill in the fridge! The spices are a mix of ginger, cloves, and cinnamon which smell soo good when baking 😍 And stick around for part 2 where we roll the cookies out and bake em! Full recipe here: #christmascookies #gingerbread #christmas #cookie
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“Sprøde Klejner:” Fried Cookie Twists!
Still the best one handed egg crack to date 😂 that aside, these fried cookie twists, or “sprøde klejner,” are so delicious it’s worth the sometimes scary process of deep frying!! Crunchy, cardamom, lemon - trust us they will be devoured 😋 full recipe here: #christmascookies #friedcookies #klejner #cardamom
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“Romkugler:” Chocolate Rum Truffles!
Rich, chocolatey truffles 😍 if you’ve ever found yourself with leftover cake to revitalize, try making “romkugler!” They’re truffle balls with some added melted chocolate, jam, and rum for a little bite 🙌 you can also replace the rum with water for a non-alc version! Perfect treat for around Christmas and new years! 😋 Full recipe here: #christmastreats #chocolate #truffles #romkugler
Scandinavian Christmas Order Unboxing!
Hello from the other side of the world with another Scandinavian order unboxing 👋 if you’re in the UK, you can order from Scandikitchen! If you’re in the London area, they have a bakery/cafe and downstairs shop so you can go in person! Check out more of our faves that we ordered this year 😍 #christmas #scandinavianchristmas #denmark
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“Flæskesteg” - Danish Pork Loin Roast!
If you’re looking for something different to serve for Christmas this year, this is the recipe for you! A staple of Danish Christmas dinner, this “flæskesteg” (Danish pork loin roast) is juicy and delicious, and best of all, covered in a crispy crunchy pork rind! It can be hard to find pork loin with the skin on abroad, but it’s well worth it if you can get your hands on it! Full recipe/detailed instructions here: #christmas #christmasdinner #denmark #porkroast #flæskesteg
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Christmas Buns!
Another throwback to last year - these delicious and rustic holiday buns! In Danish these are called “kløbenboller,” fairly similar to the German Christmas bread “stollen!” These buns are full of almonds, marzipan, raisins, and cranberries and have an amazing texture and fluffiness! They are the perfect addition to your Christmas breakfast table or as a treat during the holidays. Full recipe here: #christmas #christmasbuns #danishchristmas #breadbuns
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“Pebernødder:” Danish Spiced Christmas Cookies!
Perfect, spiced, bite sized Danish Christmas cookies!! Well worth the effort of rolling over a hundred each year 😅 but seriously, there’s nothing like pebernødder: spiced with cloves, cinnamon, ginger, and white pepper for a little kick! Full recipe here: #christmas #christmascookies #danishchristmas #spicedcookie #pebernødder
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“Finsk Brød:” Danish Shortbread Cookies!
Okay this video may be from last year but we haven’t gotten the chance to make these cookies yet this year, and we need to get them on your radar 👀 These are finsk brød, which is a classic Danish Christmas cookie! It’s a shortbread dough, so it takes just a little bit of work for it to come together, but it’s so worth it for the melt-in-your-mouth texture of the cookies 😍 full recipe linked here: #christmas #christmascookies #danishchristmas #shortbread #finskbrød
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Danish Vanilla Butter Cookies: “Vaniljekranse!”
A classic Danish Christmas cookie, vaniljekranse! The name basically means “vanilla wreath,” probably because of their shape! ⭕️ These are crisp, buttery, and flavored with vanilla - they’re the perfect cookie! 🍪 Plus they come together super quickly!! Full recipe on our website: #christmas #christmascookies #danishchristmas #vaniljekranse #danishbuttercookie
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Christmas Oat Cocoa Balls
One of the easier Christmas treats we have on the blog are these oat cocoa balls! 🎄 If you’re not feeling like turning on the oven but still want to put together a sweet treat, these are super easy to make and so worth it! 😋 Full recipe on our website: #christmas #oatballs #cocoa #nobake #christmastreats