Christmas evening by on @DeviantArt

Merry Christmas to you all! I was going to paint this with actual watercolors but I made some critical mistakes with my first layer of color.

Adventurer - outfit design by on @DeviantArt

I felt like designing an outfit for my player character Dismas (watcher, Pillars of Eternity).

Last day of summer by on @DeviantArt

I reworked the nonsensical dream concept a bit and managed to turn it into something not complete. Last day of summer

Moonlit forest by on @DeviantArt

Hooded figures carrying lanterns in a dark forest are fitting for Halloween.

I wanted to draw one of my Inquisitors with my own armor design. This may be the very first design I have ever done, so please excuse the lack of origin.

Old friends by on @DeviantArt

This was made for Digital-Art-Fantasy's Just Breathe -contest. I used to draw a lot of dragons few year back. I stopped because I got so much negative f. Old friends

Lantern tree by on @DeviantArt

I pasted the stamp before writing anything and now the text won't untilt itself.

Cold - portrait by on @DeviantArt

I wanted to paint a female pale elf whose wearing proper clothes for cold climate. Done with AutoDesk Sketchbook.

Forest spirit by on @DeviantArt

A couple of months ago I made a sketch based on words: majestic, lush, weird and proud. That simple sketch was the inspiration for this painting.

a Fish by on @DeviantArt

a Fish was made with the oldest Corel painter programm (I'm not . a Fish

Night by on @DeviantArt

A few weeks back I had task to draw or paint a view of Tokyo by night while it's raining on a black background. It was for a course I'm participating du.

Underwater by on @DeviantArt

This painting started out as a means to test the tools in Sketchbook. I used symmetry tool for the face and steady strokes thingy for outlines.