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Isthmus Wellness offers acupuncture, massage therapy, Chinese Herbal Medicine, facial rejuvenation, ATMAT, eastern bodywork therapy, cupping therapy, facial cupping, essential oils, Maya abdominal therapy, fertility massage, and energy work. Our clients enjoy our amenities, such as our infrared sauna, state-of-the-art massage chair and our ionic foot bath. Isthmus Wellness also focuses on employee wellness and offers convenient and affordable membership wellness passes.

Get Rid Of Toxin Detox The Body with Heat: Try a Sauna or Steam Room to Get Rid of Toxins. Check Out the Many Health Benefits of Saunas and Steam Rooms! Steam Room Benefits, Sauna Benefits, Health Benefits, Health Tips, Health And Wellness, Health Fitness, Healthy Mind, Get Healthy, Sauna Steam Room

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Here are the And Cozy Home Sauna Design Ideas. This article about And Cozy Home Sauna Design Ideas was posted … Sauna Steam Room, Sauna Room, Sauna House, Basement Sauna, Basement Remodeling, Basement Ideas, Indoor Sauna, Sauna Design, Spa Rooms

Certified Leed Gold Custom Home Remodel

Certified LEED Gold Custom Whole House Remodel with Universal Design, accessible on all three levels utilizing a wheel chair.…

Get steamy. And any of these spectacular saunas would be hard to leave. Saunas, Spa Design, Design Case, Sauna Steam Room, Sauna Room, Steam Bath, Spa Interior, Sauna Hammam, Hotel A Dubai is For Sale | BrandBucket

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Do you want to create fabulous home sauna design ideas as your home design ideas? Creating a fabulous home sauna sounds great. In addition to making aesthetics in your home, a home sauna is very suitable for you to choose… Continue Reading → Sauna Steam Room, Sauna Room, Home Steam Room, Basement Sauna, Steam Room Shower, Sauna House, Spa Inspired Bathroom, Bathroom Spa, Bathroom Ideas

Ahhhhh... steam room and sauna. Wouldn't this be a dream to come home to?... to melt the day's cares away....

A full-body workout while sitting is just one of the therapeutic infrared sauna benefits. Here is my experience with regular infrared sauna therapy. Natural Cures, Natural Health, Infrared Sauna Benefits, Health Tips, Health And Wellness, Wellness Tips, Heart Attack Symptoms, Tomato Nutrition, Stomach Ulcers

7 Reasons Why I Love My Infrared Sauna

Why did I invest in an infrared sauna? An at-home infrared sauna is a significant investment. I saved for years, and took that time to research the best options. I knew an infrared sauna to support these areas of my health: My low thyroid function Heavy metal detoxification, particularly copper toxicity High blood sugar Also, I consider it valid and appropriate for you to ask if I am promoting a bigger-ticket product because I received it for free. I will always answer that, and my review…

The OVERALL benefits of using SAUNA year long; Nevertheless, I recommend a Steam Sauna over an infrared. Dry Sauna (wood burning stove) with a pot of water on top works as well . Health Benefits, Health Tips, Health And Wellness, Health Fitness, Benefits Of Sauna, Infrared Sauna Benefits, Saunas, Gain Weight For Women, Piscina Spa

The Benefits of a Sauna for Detox - PositiveMed

I had no idea these were so helpful to the recovering addict! Every treatment center should have one, it helps with the physical symptoms, helps eliminate cravings, and helps the body back to a more aligned, natural state. It just plain makes you feel good. If it’s that beneficial for removing residual toxins, it must […]