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a drawing of two men on top of a tree branch in front of a cloudy sky
(Julian Jordanov. Icarus. 1994.)
a black and white drawing of a demon on the ground
Paradise Lost – The Art of Simon Bisley
“The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.” (John Milton, Paradise Lost)
a black and white drawing of a man flying through the sky with a dragon on his back
Paradise lost BIZ (03)b (Large) – The Art of Simon Bisley
Paradise Lost Art | Paradise lost BIZ (03)b (Large) | The Art of Simon Bisley
an old photo of two strange looking objects
Beck (normal) on Twitter
Beck on Twitter: "Viktor Vasnetsov and his mythological art… "
an angel with black wings standing next to a cross
a painting of a woman with red cape and headdress sitting on a rock
Wilhelm (Vasily Alexandrovich) Kotarbiński Medusa
Saatchi Art Artist Artem Grigoryev; Drawing, “Enigma” #art Pattern Illustrations, Classical Mythology, Horror Artwork, Fairytale Art, Playing Games, Pattern Illustration, Famous Artists, Surreal Art
Enigma Drawing
Saatchi Art Artist Artem Grigoryev; Drawing, “Enigma” #art
a black and white drawing of an eagle sitting on top of a demon's head
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Temple of the Old One ~ By Nick Keller
a painting of a rooster with its head in the air and two snakes around it
A Vision of ABRAXAS
A Vision of ABRAXAS Denis Forkas
a painting of a woman laying on top of a black box with her legs spread out
NICOLA SAMORI 'Rapture' (2010)
a black and white painting with an object in the air above it's head
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This is by Nicola Samori and his other works look equally intriguing. For me, it is a commentary on human existence, its fragility and imperfection. In particular, take note of the use of light and darkness, covering and peeling, and that all of it is centered around a person. His exhibition as a whole is motivated by a Heideggarian approach to art.
an altered photograph of a man's face and beard in brown, white and blue tones
Follow @kw3hmd on Instagram: From: @paintguide - John Wentz @johnwentz took my very first painting class with john in 2009 I think. I saw his work at a small shop in sf that year and was blown away by the technique design and concept. Last year saw his show @hashimotocontemporary and my head exploded again. Evolution. Prolific. Machine! Post by emiliovillalba @emilio_villalba #Regrann