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a woman in a wrestling outfit is holding a rope and looking at the camera while standing on top of a platform
the roman reigns story from ashes to empire, with an image of him holding a wrestling belt
a woman with black hair and tattoos on her chest, standing in front of a microphone
rhea ripley
the collage shows several different pictures of people in formal wear, including one woman wearing a red dress
a woman in a red top and black pants on the set of an american idol
an advertisement for the wwe women's champion, and she is holding up her trophy
a woman sitting on top of a wooden bench next to a locker with her legs up
a woman with black hair and piercings taking a selfie
the rock and his wife are dressed up as they stand in front of a purple background
rhea and damian
two men standing next to each other with one holding a wrestling ring in his hand
cody rhodes and aj
a woman with long black hair holding a coffee cup
a woman wearing a costume and holding a fan in her hand while standing next to a wall
a group of people standing around each other