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the number five is made up of letters and numbers
the text is there an order to teach reading?
an english language worksheet with the words in different colors and letters on it
the worksheet for students to learn how to use silent e
The Jobs of Silent e - Sarah's Teaching Snippets
an image of a poster with words and numbers on it, including the letters in different colors
Teaching Two Syllable Words - Sarah's Teaching Snippets
the printable worksheet for upper and lowercase words with dices on them
Vowel Teams: What We Never Learned, Explained. — Reading Rev
a poster with an image of a man in blue suit and text that says super schwa
a poster with the words spelling styles
Teaching Two Syllable Words (Sarah's First Grade Snippets)
two different types of open style posters with the words open sylabe on them
Open and Closed Syllable instruction
four different types of words that are used to spell the word's in each language
Phonics for parents
the rules for counting syllables in different colors and sizes, with text below
Improve Decoding Skills with these 2-Syllable Word Activities
two different types of words that appear to be in the form of letters and numbers
How to teach the suffix -ed, Words with -ed endings | Viva Phonics