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Free Comic Book Printable~ Students can create their own comic summaries, idiom cartoons. classroom rules, or. They cut out the panels that they want and then sequence on a separate paper. Good for teaching empathy!

Great ideas on using Interactive Venn Diagrams in the classroom! How great would this be for comparing and contrasting.

FIND INSPIRATION (STEAL IDEAS)- Interactive Venn Diagrams: Keeps students engaged, allows for collaboration, and helps students build mental maps to better understand concepts. A great learning strategy for any content area or grade level!

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Use for quotation marks or "punctuation for effect." Welcome to Dover Publications Word Play! Write Your Own Crazy Comics

Sarjakuvakone - comic strip generator.

Stripgenerator is a simple, yet effective and intuitive cartoon strip generator.

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Ohjeita sarjakuvien puhekuplien kirjoittamisesta.