Persuasive Writing OREO

This is the actual link.Our Cool School: Persuasive Writing: OREO Graphic Organizer.Opening activity: What is the best way to eat an Oreo. Includes a handout for students to use for organizing their thoughts. Great idea that the kids will love

This voice levels poster is used in most preschools during my placesment, I think it is an effective way for teachers to control the voices in the kinder. Child also remember the colors and related voice levels that they should use inside and outside.

Love this idea for teaching students how to work in groups!

Use this Group Work Expectations Poster to help your little monsters stay on task during group work. Important to share group work expectations.

Sarjakuvapohjia (printattavia).

**All my kiddos want to do is comics** FREE COMIC STRIP TEMPLATES~ Great for kids to color, cut out, and glue to create their own comic strips.

I need this in my classroom.

Return My Pencils (Keep Calm) Art Print

haha should have this on my classroom wall one day! Return My Pencils (Keep Calm) Art Print by Vicky Zenetzi

moods by LEGO face.

Lego facial expressions for feelings How Do You Feel Today? Image by Designholic

Our Favorite Books post-it bookshelf

Our Favorite Books post-it bookshelf. I would like to do this each Friday so students could pick their favorite book read each week.

Set up a crime scene and have the kiddos write about various things that could have happened. Great, interactive idea!

Favorite Pin Friday

set up a 'crime scene'-students draw inferences, writing project, and/or do some related forensic science experiments ~ love this idea. maybe not a crime scene for my kiddos but something similar