A collection of a variety of Alvar Aalto glass containers.

thedesignhoarder: “ post number twenty six - aalto vases Here is part of my iittala Aalto vase collection. The Aalto vase was originally designed.

Löydät Iittala-tuotteet Kodin Ykkösestä: http://www.kodin1.com/shop/fi/kodin1/astiat

Tip for a stylish summer: Alvar Aalto was inspired by the waves when he designed his iconic vases in

Designed by Finnish architect Aalvar Aalto in 1936, the Aalto vase requires three separate glass blows to create.

Design Sleuth: Aalto Vase as Utensil Holder

Designed by Finnish architect Aalvar Aalto in the Aalto vase requires three separate glass blows to create.

#Iittala. Every time I see #Aalto vases used for something else than flowers, I hit my head. Why don't I do the same? Why keep the pretty vases and bowls in the cabinet? Let them out into everyday life and use. One lady filled her tiny #Aalto bowl with paper clips, a smaller version of the white one in the picture. LET*S all take the vases & bowls out and use them 24/7. Picture credits to Lea Bo.

2016 will be a year of celebration for Iittala and the Alvar Aalto Collection 80 years Anniversary. In Alvar Aalto created his classic series of glass vases. The Alvar Aalto Collection has be…

Alvar Aalto vase

Savoy Vase Alvar Aalto (Finnish designer, Finland 1936 (creation) Looks so cool with these planted bulbs

Iittala Christmas Home. Iittala + Varpunen collaboration. Vitriini box, Aalto vase.

Great for holding all those cooking utensils in the kitchen, Aalto vase cool storage solution, not just a vase!

Alvar Aalto vase http://pinterest.com/ssomsemaj/

A classic since The unique shape of Alvar Aalto's vase SAVOY, designed in is forever modern and remains one of the major icons of Scandinavian glass design.

Wisuella | Alvar Aalto vase, Iittala

It was so fun to come up with new usage purposes for the classic and iconic Aalto vase , produced by Iittala , that .