Female hysteria

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two intersecting circles with the words, girl world and bug world in each one's center
two intersecting circles with the words,'why are you so angry at me? what did i do wrong? '
a woman holding a wooden stick with the caption all my life i have been performing for ungrateful audiencess
this movie omg
Girls when Girl Memes, Fotos, Girl Boss, Sad Girl, Fotografie, Mood Pics
Sydney sweeny
a tweet from mellisa broder on twitter that reads, i have a syvia plath poem inscribed on my uterus
a woman with her mouth open in front of a brick wall and the words kelly on it
lady bird
Haha, Kata-kata, Bad
an advertisement for girls when they're reading a translation and know how to use it
People, Pretty People, Silly, Girly, Human
the text is written in two different languages, and it looks like they are talking to each other