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Sointu Väisänen

Sointu Väisänen
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Another new work. Polymer clay, quartz. Alisa Krinna Maskaeva copyright. August…

My very first attempt to make a autumn themed pendant with actual branches with leafs, instead of only roots It was pretty hard to sculpt the skinny branches >.< This time I used a carn.

Owl in brances from polymer clay by Krinna on DeviantArt

This piece was a collaboration with an amazinz artist - Alina Kozlova. Her sketch, my craftwork Polymer clay, acrylics, pastels and my hands _____. Owl in brances from polymer clay

Polymer clay leaf earrings by Krinna on DeviantArt

Polymer clay, raw brass, glass bead Soon on my Etsy ________________________________________ Alisa Krinna Maskaeva copyright.