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before and after pictures of an old china cabinet painted pink with decorative glass doors,
Pink chine cabinet. Vintage. Retro. Hot pink. Re-do! My boyfriend rocks!
a pink china cabinet with lots of glass doors
a living room with blue furniture and the words creating the perfect swanky bar on it
Stauffer Design Co. | Interior Design Company
a blue china cabinet with wine glasses on top
Converted Wine Bar with wine cooler storage
a black china cabinet with wine glasses and a teddy bear sitting on the bottom shelf
Hutch turned wine bar #repurposed furniture
an entertainment center with liquor bottles and glasses on the glass doors, in front of a rug
an old fashioned china cabinet with liquor bottles on it
Refinished industrial farmhouse hutch
We found this hutch on Facebook marketplace for $80. One day of elbow grease and a few supply runs to Lowe’s, and now we have a STUNNING statement piece! Don’t be afraid to go BOLD on your color choice!
a kitchen hutch with wine glasses on the shelves
Modern Liquor Cabinet Ideas 2020
an old china cabinet is painted black
China cabinet
a dining room table with some potted plants on top of it and an old china cabinet
China cabinet after photo.
two pictures side by side one has an old china cabinet and the other has new cabinets
Cabinet to Cupboard
a pink china cabinet with glass doors and drawers
How-To Paint Wood Furniture – Jenna Burger Design LLC – Interior Design & Architectural Consulting
an advertisement for china hutch makeover with pictures of kitchen cabinets and counter tops
China Cabinet to Coffee Bar Makeover
An old China Cabinet gets a new life as upper and lower kitchen cabinets. Check out the makeover here!