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Helsinki, Finland - Joulunaika kaupungilla - ei mitään ihanampaa, kaipuun itku tunkeutuu kurkkuun.

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Helsinki, Finland - Joulunaika kaupungilla - ei mitään ihanampaa, kaipuun itku tunkeutuu kurkkuun.

Northern Lights - Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland.I want to go see this place one day.Please check out my website thanks. www.photopix.co.nz

Solar Storm Over Rovaniemi

On St. Patrick's Day 2013, a massive solar storm hit the earth's atmosphere, causing auroras as far south as Colorado. In Finland, we had spectacular northern lights all through the night that were clearly visible even in cities with as much light pollution as Rovaniemi. This photo was taken amongst the cabins at Ounasvaaran Lakituvat.

The St. Thomas Christmas Market in Helsinki, Finland.

Helsinki – the Christmas city — VisitFinland.com

Christmas lights on the city's main street and the bustle of shoppers in St Thomas’ Market exude a cheering warmth in the perfect Christmas city Helsinki.

Iittala candle holders..i in Kivi & Kastehelmi, a glorious cluster of tea lights for a truly Hygge feeling... sooo cosy.


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Christmas Eve sauna | Joulusauna

Aamulehden kuvakisa

Aamulehden Kuvakisa-sivusto on lukijoiden käytössä oleva valokuvasaitti. Tallenna kuvasi muidenkin nähtäväksi!

Kotka, Finland

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Glögg (Mulled and Spiced Wine) | 13th of December marks one of Sweden’s big yearly celebrations __ a cosy season and Swedes warm up with glögg and gingerbread.

Lingonberry Gingerbread Cakes

13th of December marks one of Sweden’s big yearly celebrations – Lucia. All around Sweden today, kids and choirs are dressing up in white gowns and singing songs to celebrate the Italia…

Gray and White Outdoor Bench and Reindeer Pillow | Friday Christmas Favorites from anderson + grant

Friday Favorites #19

By this time next week, the packages will be unwrapped, the dinner guests will be gone, and the radio will be done playing Christmas carols. Can you believe it? We all spend so much time preparing for Christmas and then before you know it, the holiday is over. I can honestly say that I've tried to slow down and take the season in this year. Of course, that meant I kind of disappeared from here with any projects or recipes lately. Believe me....I had plans. But when it felt like the Christmas…

Supi saunavahalla tummennettu, suloinen sauna! Oma koti onnenpesä: Lempeät löylyt - uudistunut sauna

Lempeät löylyt - uudistunut sauna

Sisustus- ja lifestyleblogi joka käsittelee maalaisromanttista sisustamista, somistamista, ompelua, leipomista ja lastenvaatteita.

Ainola Park - Oulu, Finland

Lukijoiden kuvia lumentulosta

Lumisen marraskuun 24. päivän aamukävelyllä Hiirosenojalla bongattu sorsa uiskentelemassa.

Kastehelmi fyrfadslysestage - frostet - Iittala

Kastehelmi fyrfadslysestage fra Iittala - NordicNest.dk

Den nye lysestage Kastehelmi - som findes i flere farver - tilhører glasserien Kastehelmi, designet af Oiva Toikka for varemærket Iittala i 1964, som relancerede serien i 2010.

Mustikkaglögi | K-ruoka #joulu #juoma


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