Sonia Junttila

Sonia Junttila

Sonia Junttila
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Caesar Salad

Vegan MoFo I learned this recipe at culinary school, and since then I’ve made it more times than I could count, tweaking it to my tastes. It is my go-to salad dressing.

Ahvenanmaan pannukakku

The famous pancake of the islands, traditionally eaten with plumsauce and whipped cream.

Manna-kaura-chapata - - reseptit

Manna-kaura-chapata - - reseptit

Roasted Cauliflower and Seasoned Lentil Tacos

Recipe created by Kate Taylor, from Cookie+Kate on behalf of the USA Dry Pea and Lentil Council.

Use this simple recipe in place of oil in salad dressings.

No oil-oil: 1 C water, 1 T cornstarch (and 1 T basil) Use this simple recipe in place of oil in salad dressings.

Recipe:   Vegan Fish Sauce

Need to make this so I can make vegan Laos food! Vegan "Fish" Sauce (makes about 3 cups) 1 cups shredded seaweed (I use wakame) 6 cups water 6 fat cloves garlic, crushed but not peeled 1 T peppercorns 1 cup mushroom soy sauce 1 T miso

Cashew Chicken

Cashew Chicken - Crazy delicious and easy cashew chicken recipe with tender and silky chicken in Chinese brown sauce. So much better than takeout.