Akseli Gallen-Kallela

The Great Black Woodpecker, Akseli Gallen-Kallela Finnish, Oil on canvas, 145 x 90 cm Private Collection

Lemminkäinen's Mother (1897) Akseli Gallen-Kallela

Akseli Gallen-Kallela, 'Lemminkäisen äiti' / 'Mother of Lemminkäinen'…

Edu.fi - Albert Edelfelt, tehtäväehdotuksineen

Albert Edelfelt -Boys Playing at the Beach / Leikkiviä Poikia Rannalla, 1884

HUGO SIMBERG  Tuonelan Porteilla

Title:Tuonelan portilla Artist:Hugo Simberg Country of Origin:Finland Date of AD Tags:N/A

Eero Järnefelt - Kaski

Eero Järnefelt, Under the Yoke (Burning the Brushwood ; Wage Slaves/Burn-Beating Wage Slaves) 1893 depicting slash-and-burn agriculture - Kaski (Raatajat rahanalaiset) Finland

Virginie  Albert Edelfelt -

Virginie Albert Gustaf Aristides Edelfelt July 1854 – 18 August was a Swedish-speaking Finnish painter. He enjoyed considerable success in Paris

Hyökkäys (The Attack) by Eetu Isto, Oil on canvas. Finnish National Museum (1905)

Hyökkäys/ The attack - Eetu Isto In the famous painting HyÖKKÄyS by EEtU IsTO, the Finnish maiden is being attacked by the Russian eagle, which is tearing away the law book.

Axel Gallen (Akseli Gallen-Kallela, Finnish) - "Boy and Crow" 1884

Poika ja varis / 1884 par Akseli Gallen-Kallela / Boy and Crow by Akseli Gallen-Kallela.

Hugo Simberg: Halla, 1895. Ateneum. Kuva: Valtion taidemuseo / Kuvataiteen keskusarkisto / Jukka Romu

"Frost" by Hugo Gerhard Simberg June 1873 - 12 July was a Finnish symbolist painter and graphic artist.

Väinämöisen soitto,1866, Robert Wilhelm Ekman. Väinämöinen is the central character in the Finnish folklore and the main character in the national epic Kalevala.He was described as an old and wise man, and he possessed a potent, magical voice by sinking the impetuous Joukahainen into a bog by singing. Väinämöinen also slays a great pike and makes a magical kantele from its jawbones.

28 February - Kalevala Day is celebrated in Finland, remembering the publication of the Finnish National Epic by Elias Lönnrot in

"The Fighting Capercaillies" / "Taistelevat metsot", 1886 -oil on canvas-  Ferdinand von Wright (1822-1906) - Ateneum

Ferdinand von Wright Taistelevat Metsot / The Fighting Capercaillies 1886 - Finland - birds - Click image to get to original site with audio