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a postcard with an image of people and animals in the country, on top of a map
the text is in black and white with pictures of statues
some cartoon characters are doing different things in the same language, including words and pictures
Vyjmenovaná slova interactive exercise
the worksheet for an activity with pictures and words on it, including egyptian symbols
Úvod do straověku worksheet
the worksheet for doba karemna
DOBA KAMENNÁ worksheet
a crossword puzzle with pictures of animals and people
Pravěk worksheet
the spanish language worksheet for children
the worksheet for pravek v ceskych zetch, which is written
Pravěk v českých zemích worksheet
an image of three men in renaissance dress with the names of their respective people, including one
Jagellonci a Habsburkové worksheet
an article about spain with pictures and text
an english worksheet with words and pictures to describe the word in each language
Spoluhlásky doplň i, í, y, ý - tvrdé a š,č,ž,dž worksheet