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a red mitt is tied up to a card
Be Merry
a christmas card with stars and a red bow on the front that says wishing you a merry christmas
Mmmmm... leftovers! (Paper Pumpkin ones)
Mmmmm... leftovers! (Paper Pumpkin ones) | Stasia Sloma
four pieces of paper sitting on top of a wooden table
Meine grüne Wiese: Weihnachtsgrüße
a christmas card with the words wish you a merry christmas written in black on it
Dymo julekort (BLOG Bog & idé)
three brown envelopes with christmas trees on them and the words frohes fest
Ganz einfach!
Very easily!
a snowflake card with the words, frolicicle winter greetings
Card by Sue Ivings made using Stampin Up embossing folders - Softly Falling and Woodland. | Christmas cards handmade, Homemade christmas cards, Cards handmade
two cards with apples drawn on them next to a potted plant and an envelope
Kaikki asumisesta, sisustamisesta, ruoasta ja puutarhasta
1h 50m
a card with a star and a ribbon on it
Vielleicht bin ich ja süchtig....{Weihnachtskarten....}
Vielleicht bin ich ja süchtig....{Weihnachtskarten....} - be more creative