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a sign that reads the man who fell into an upholster machine is fully recovered
48 Great Pics And Funny Memes Perfect for the Weekend
there is a sign that says taller people sleep longer in bed on the side of the road
Man Posts Brilliant Dad Jokes And Puns On a Roadsign In a Small Town
an image of some toys that are in the shape of children's heads and hair
80 Epic Toy Design Fails That Are So Bad, It’s Hilarious
two white horses standing next to each other on a road at night with the caption'go ahead, tell them what you saw no one will believe
Today’s Morning Mega Memes | Humors Memes
a dog sitting on the ground next to a door with caption that reads, i'm not sure who dug up the garden maybe it was the cat
DOGUE | Australia's Best Pet Store | Shop Online for Your Dog
a dog is looking at the camera with its mouth open and it says saw you petting the neighbor's dog want to tell me what that's all about?
a dog sitting in the driver's seat of a car with its head on the steering wheel
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a dog laying on top of a couch with the caption i don't always sit on the couch but when i do make sure i sit in your spot
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a dog standing on its hind legs in front of a door with the caption you've been gone for 2 minutes are you okay?
a german shepherd dog is looking out the car window and has its head in the side view mirror
a dog sleeping in a laundry basket on the floor