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a woman walking across a sandy beach under a blue sky with the words,'thimakara akshadwep, india '
Thinnakara - The Coral Paradise - Interlude Journey
Thinnakara, Lakshadweep
two people are swimming in the ocean with corals
Extreme India
Scuba Diving in the Lakshadweeps or Andamans
an island in the middle of the ocean
50 Beaches in India
Lakshdweep-----50 Best Beaches in India | Adventure India
an island is in the middle of clear blue water, and there are no people on it
Clear blue sea in Lakshadweep.
the beach is lit up with blue lights and stars in the night sky above it
Encore! Life
Bioluminescent phytoplankton
a man swimming in the ocean surrounded by fish and corals on a sunny day
Lakshadweep Adventures Tour
Lakshadweep Adventures Tour
an island in the middle of some water with two smaller islands on top of it
Lakshadweep Island
a woman sitting on a bench at the beach
Lakshadweep Island Beach Tour
Kalpeni beach, Lakshadweep
an aerial view of the airport runway in the ocean
Not Maldives, not Bora-Bora, not Seychelles.. but our very own Lakshadweep Islands... Snorkelling, Scuba Diving and many more island Adventures only on
people are sitting on the beach and relaxing
two people sitting in the ocean watching a boat go by on the water's edge
Hidden paradise in the Indian Ocean - Lakshadweep Islands: No tourists, no resorts, just local communities and nature
a green turtle swimming in the water
Sea Turtle
a boat is sitting on the shore of a tropical beach with palm trees in the background
Want to go to these islands! Lakshwadeep is beautiful!